Women's Only
Personal Protection and Firearms Safety Class
You will learn:
"    Personal protection in your home, on the street and in a vehicle.
"    How to choose the right handgun for you.
"    How to properly handle a handgun.
"    Basic handgun safety including simulated laser shooting..
"    How to safely secure/store a handgun and ammunition.

You will need to bring a your firearm for classroom training.
If you do not have a firearm please call us so we can loan you one for the class.

Class is Feb 3rd at Belding & Mull
1878 Port Matilda Highway  Philipsburg, PA.
Class is from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Cost is $65.00 (light lunch included)

  You can register by visiting our website www.secondscountccw.com or calling
724-662-2709. or at the store